Instructions for hugzly 

Open your hugzly and make sure it is charged.

 Go to your app store and search for "hugzly". Download the hugzly app. 

Step-by-step instructions for the app can be found on the hugzly app page.

hugzly app instructions

Make sure you have at least one kinection set up on the app before you use your hugzly.

Start using your hugzly!

Kodi the Grizzly Bear is used here for the instructions. The same instructions can be applied to all hugzly. The clickers in the front paws  of Kodi can always be found in the front appendages of every hugzly (paws, hooves, wings, fins, hands, etc).

1. Turn your hugzly on. Look at the bottom seams of your hugzly and you will see an area that has Velcro. Open the Velcro and find the charging port. The hugzly is on when the black switch is on the inside of the bar like it is in the photo. Close the Velcro back up.

2. The heart lights of the hugzly will rapidly blink a white light while it is connecting to the Wi-Fi that you assigned on the hugzly app. It can take up to 30 seconds to connect if you are not near the modem. Go to the FAQs if the hugzly does not connect to the app.


3. Remember the color you assigned to your kinection. In this example we assigned red to Grandma.

Use the right paw of the hugzly to click through or hold the button down to see the cycle of colors. 

When the heart lights are red let go of the clicker in the right paw.

4. Within 10 seconds of finding the color red, take the left paw of the hugzly and press the button.

When hugz have successfully sent, the red light will quickly flash three times.

If you weren’t quite quick enough, the hugzly will vibrate for half a second and go quiet, so repeat the process, just more quickly.

5. As soon as Grandma's hugzly connects to the Wi-Fi, the heart lights will glow the color she assigned to you. She can give it a BIG hug and feel your love. 

When a hugzly receives hugz,  it gives a short buzz, then the color of the kinection glows three times for 5 seconds.

A hugzly can send hugz straight back in real time. While the hugzly is glowing, send hugz straight back by pressing the button in the left paw of hugzly.

If you have been sent multiple hugz, the hugzly will pause for 5 seconds then buzz again and glow the color of the next kinection. If you want to go through your hugz quickly you can press the button on the right paw of hugzly to acknowledge the hugz and receive the next set of hugz.
If you miss hugz, you will see them appear on your hugzly app.

Tips to not miss any hugz
1. Make sure hugzly is connected to Wi-Fi or hotspot.
2. Turn hugzly off when you are not around it.
3. View hugz received in last 24 hours on the app or double click the left paw (your right hand).