This 'technology for the soul' can enhance your current products and have your customers begging for more.  It is the patent pending Light Kinections™ Technology (LK Tech) and it can be used with any product that can fit the proprietary computer and lights inside.

The LK Tech is a closed loop ecosystem of 3 major components and the entire thing is tied together by the internet.

Each product has a proprietary computer that we have designed along with custom built firmware to control the various functions. This allows any product to securely and efficiently interact with each other using the cloud as well as update its firmware remotely.

The secure cloud is the brain that controls the entire ecosystem. It directs the messages between a product and the app. It is the central repository for kinections (friends), the messages and light signals sent and received, notification alerts, etc. It manages and enforces security.

The custom built app can be a virtual version of the product itself as well as support a physical product. The app is used to set up all of the parameters for your product, creating kinections, sending & receiving light signals and messages and managing your free membership.

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The LK Tech can be found in a hugzly™. It took a high quality beautiful plush animal and enhanced it to be a one-of-a-kind plush that can send and receive light hugz anywhere, anytime to loved ones around the world. After the plush is set up on the custom hugzly app, the plush can be safely used independently by all ages with out a Smartphone or tablet.