Support Mental Health

We invite you to immerse yourself in creativity, be inspired by hugzly and achieve a flow state of mind.

A flow state occurs when you function at your fullest capacity and are so focused on a task that you lose yourself in the moment. Many repetitive creative motions help to focus the mind, calm your brain and body and activate flow. When you begin to notice small success, your brain floods with dopamine which increases your happiness. Flow and creativity reduces anxiety, depression and stress; boosts your mood and even slows your heart rate.

Visual Arts

  • Complete a coloring page of hugzly
  • Draw a picture of you and your hugzly
  • Paint a picture of you and your hugzly
  • Put together a hugzly collage
  • Make a comic strip about hugzly
  • Take photos of you and hugzly
  • Create an animation about hugzly

Literary Arts

  • Write a short story about hugzly
  • Respond to a journal prompt
  • Write a poem about hugzly
  • Write a children's book about hugzly

Performing Arts

  • Choreograph a dance about hugzly
  • Create & perform a song about hugzly
  • Put together a skit about hugzly
  • Put together a video about hugzly

Creative Examples

Local Community

Get involved and recommend an organization!

For every hugzly sold we'll donate 2.5% of revenue to Mental Health Initiatives. We give to organizations that have a local immediate impact and we want to help your community as well. What organization can we partner with in your neighborhood?