Meet Kodi

Collection One of the
Wildlife Family

Kodi’s named after the largest grizzly bear in the world, the Kodiak Bear from Alaska. The heaviest recorded Kodiak weighed in at 1656 pounds, equivalent to 9 North American male humans. 

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Meet Gwyn

Collection One of the
Ocean Life Family

King Penguins are tall and slim, drink salt water and incubate their eggs in a special pouch in their feet, rather than on a nest. Gwyn’s named after the original Welsh for Penguin: Pen (head) and “Gwyn” (white).

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Meet Nell

Collection One of the
Pet & Farm Family

Labs are stand out swimmers, guides, and heroic assistance dogs for police, military, rescue and detection. Nell’s named after the Earl of Home’s dog, “Nell”, his 1857 photo being the first documented image of the breed.

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We are all humans and we all belong - hugzly™ reminds us that we are all loved, cherished, and connected even when we are alone. Cuddling with your hugzly when the heart glows with light hugz releases ‘feel good’ hormones that help improve our mood. We donate 2.5% of revenue to mental health initiatives at a local level and you can recommend an organization for us to partner with on our website.

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