Our Inspiration

Commiserating Covid during the 2020 pandemic lockdown Donna anxiously squeezed a pillow while she was sharing with Frank how much she wanted to visit with her pregnant nieces 1022 kilometers away in Saskatoon. Frank watched her squeeze the pillow and asked, ‘wouldn’t it be cool if a pillow lit up at our niece’s house every time Donna squeezed her pillow here’?

They quickly realized there was nothing like it.

Frank called his lifelong best friend and technology guru, Al, who advised if the idea was a few years earlier the technology wouldn’t have been available. With this confirmation and how special this project was they recruited talented friends and family to bring this idea to fruition.

Our Mission

We believe the dynamic of relationships and friendships are forever evolving. Our mission is to enhance your genuine bonds, anywhere and anytime, through the perfect balance of smart technology and the enduring need for human connection.

Our passion and compassion with Light Kinections employees, customers and suppliers will inspire us to collectively create and accomplish beyond our imagination.

Our Values

  • Support our fellow humans emotional and mental health.
  • Ethically produce cutting edge, eco-friendly products that connect humans.
  • Grow with and respect our employees, suppliers, and customers.
  • Together we will generously contribute to charities supporting emotional and mental health.